December Daily 2010

Unless you are brand new to the scrapbooking world – you probably have heard of the infamous December Daily project started by Ali Edwards.  It is a project where you create the base of the book (and for some people all the pages) in advance of December 1.  Then every day through the month you journal or add a picture or other ephemera.  At the end of the month, you have a awesome journal of your holiday season that you can treasure for ever.

I did my first December Daily last year and it was a wonderful experience!  I had a LOT going on last year – graduation, which was canceled by the first snowmageddon in VA of the season, and ended with my husband’s family coming to spend Christmas with us.  In between those big events, there were tons of small things that happened.  And what I loved about the project was that all the small things were captured, not just the big things that tend to go in the big scrapbook.  I can look back through the book and see all the little things that happened and remember all the fun times – even if they were small fun times.

This year, the project is completely changing!  For one – I decided to create my own book.  Last year, I used a cute book from Elise Blaha which I loved!  It was a wonderful little book (4×6) and full of gorgeous papers.  This year I was going to use one of her books again, but at some point between ordering and 2 ish weeks ago, I decided that I didn’t want to do that, mainly because I decided I wanted to use a larger format.  I loved the 4×6 for my first year – but this year I wanted to have room for pictures and writing on one page, not always a 2 page spread.  Plus I found that I did sometimes 2-3 or 4 pages for a day and this year I wanted it more streamlined since I don’t have as many events.

So – I decided to make my own, which turned out great!  I used the Teresa Collins 7×10 Bracket shape covers and a bunch of stuff I found online and that I found in my home craft stash.  To make my cover, I took one of the bracket covers and put the year on the side in stickers, then embossed the whole thing.  Afterwards, I decided to put stickers and a badge I cut out of some of the Teresa Collins paper on the cover as well, then emboss that.  So the whole cover ended up with 2 levels of embossing.  This was a technique I picked up from Ali Edwards blog – it’s one of the methods she demoed on her blog.  I was really happy with the result!

The embossed cover is bumpy and smooth in spots (I love the texture 🙂 ) and I love that my stickers/papers on the cover have an extra layer of protection.

I also learned this year via twitter and the web that there are two ways to tackle the interior of the December Daily.  One camp does a lot of work on the interior pages prior to December.  The other camp just puts blank pages inside.  That’s my camp.   I don’t really know what I’m going to journal for really any day or if I’m going to have a picture or not!  So instead of creating templates and then trying to fit my day into that template – I just create it that night when I sit down to write/add a picture.  I also like having the added benefit of being able to move papers around to use the ones that best fit the day, instead of being stuck with what’s already been planned for a certain day.  It does take more time than pre-made pages, but I find that pre-made pages really just don’t work for me (via other projects).

So what do you do in your December Daily?  Care to share??

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