December Daily – December 2nd

Before I started this year’s December Daily, I flipped through my 2009 book to take some notes for this year.  Things I liked, didn’t like, and things I could improve for this year.  One thing I took note of is that I never actually talked  about things I do all the time.  I focused on all the activities that happened that were abnormal, but never on the non-holiday things.  Like work or the gym, or my commute or my home.  Since I would like to do this yearly and have a record of my December life – I want to make sure I start capturing the everyday common stuff since that will change.

So as you can guess, yesterday was one of those days with just common occurrences.  I went to work and to the gym.  So that’s what I documented today.

Side one of my page is probably one of my favorite layouts ever (and that’s going to play a part in side 2!).  I love how there is a subtle chevron shape and the mix of materials for the “working girl” title.  I just really like the way this came out. This page was about work.  This is my life daily view – my messy desk (and the occasional break to look at scrapbooking websites) – and I thought it should be part of my December story – especially since last year, this was NOT my view – I was working in a different office.  Who knows what December 2011 will bring!

This page is my “I’m a dork and I don’t mind putting it on the internet page.”  After finishing the first page of the layout – I tweeted about it.  And I was retweeted by my crafting idol…which obviously had to go on my page somehow, lol.  The shoes thing – well there is no excuse/explanation for that.

I really am digging the 2 page layout format – let’s see if I keep that up through the whole book.

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