December 3 and 4 Daily Pages

I’m a little behind on posting my pages because this weekend was pretty busy!  And when it wasn’t busy, I was enjoying some time away from the computer.

The Dec 3rd is about my trip to the DMV to officially get my license with my married name.  I am going to put the documents in the book once I can (i.e. I get my official license and can stop carrying around the temp docs) so that’s why there is a big open space.  So it’s incomplete for now.  The Dec 4th page is actually made out of a Macy’s bag from the shopping trip I took that day.  I thought it was super cute, so I wanted to use it for that day.  The date is in Thickers (so is the Brooks on the Dec 3rd page) and then I added a journaling block from my collection of stuff I have at home and the blue stars are from the Martha Steward collection and stuck on with glossy accents (I LOVE that stuff!!).

The back pages are both #reverb10 answers.  The first was moment and I had to use the wedding for that one.  I love this picture…love love it….that’s what the journaling is about.  The second one is the wonder prompt.  I had these awesome sticker things that were clear with blue and brown words in them – kind of like gel?  I don’t know, but I found them and saw the word wonder and decided to use them in the journaling and to decorate the page.

We had friends over all night – so I didn’t even get to start on my Dec. 5th page yet.  I think I will start updating with just my most favorite daily pages since I have some other projects I want to share  – we’ll see.

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One Response to December 3 and 4 Daily Pages

  1. Brooke says:

    I love the recycled bag idea 🙂 I look forward to seeing your new pages whenever you post them!

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