December Daily Round Up

Just wanted to update with a few of my favorite layouts from my December Daily so far 🙂

I used thickers to write the name of the #reverb10 prompt at the top of the page.  This page is so much fun and full of great memories.  Some of my favorite people in the world are in this photo with me 🙂

I like this layout because I took almost the exact same picture from the first snow in 2009.  I was wearing the same boots too!  I love pictures that are the same but from different years.  I also just realized I totally forgot a letter on the journaling.  I clearly have some homework for when I get home tonight, oops!

This picture is going to be my featured pic for 2011.  I probably will use it in my Wellness Journey scrapbook and if I decided to do the One Little Word workshop officially, well this fits into every word I’ve been thinking of using.

So this page is the back of the December 18th page and I really like it.  I used a lot of random products and I like the final look of everything.  I really like the color combination and I think I will see a lot of turquoise and yellow in my life in the future!

Those are some of my favorite layouts so far in my book.  As you can tell, I’ve changed the format a little over time – I got rid of that middle ring.  My pages just were not flipping through the book smoothly at all and right after I took that middle ring out – problem solved.  I don’t really care about the 3rd hole in some pages without the ring in it – I’m just glad I can now flip through my book.

I have more pages to share – I’ll do a round up maybe once a week.  My next post will be about my honeymoon travel book – which I FINALLY finished this weekend!!

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