Printer’s Trays for Christmas!

I wanted to talk about a super quick Christmas present idea
that I’m using for my parents and parents-in-law this year. The one
good thing about getting married that nobody tells you before hand
is that you can totally milk it for that year and use it in your
present giving. I decided a little while back that I wanted to make
altered printers trays for the parents. I became fascinated with
the whole concept of the altered trays a little while back. I love
love the way something so simple becomes something so fancy and
different. I saw a lot of them around Halloween that were dark and
lovely. Then, I started running across some for weddings and knew
that was the direction I wanted to go in. When I started working on
my own, I found it to be much harder than I initially thought it
would – I think because they were for someone else. A lot of the
cute things I wanted to add just didn’t work for parent gifts. I
also found it hard to start picking out pictures. I knew what was
important to ME from that day – but what would the parents enjoy?
So with all these things in mind – I created the first “draft” of
the tray for my inlaws.

I was really happy with it. Then one for my parents:

They are really different, but they fit with each family nicely. I got a great response from each set of parents and I was really happy about that! This fun, easy, and meaningful gift would be great for any special person or event.

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