MIA Scrapper

I’ve been so MIA lately, my bad!  It kind of started when we went new place hunting.  Then we started packing and sorting and cleaning.  My creative projects have been put on hold in favor of home decorating (we actually had to buy curtains, lol).  And also, putting together my scrap room 🙂  That’s right – I have a whole room in the basement to myself to scrap and craft away.  It’s not too much different from my current spot, but I did invest in a few more tables to give me the scrap space I needed.  My craft table has been my Vika Amon table that also has my tool caddy and my computer on it.  So I have had about a 10×10 space to scrap If my desk was actually clean.  Which it never was.  I literally was paper cutting in my lap 90% of the time.  Now, I’ve created a huge L shape which will give me room to not only put my computer on a table and leave plenty of craft space – but I can also put my other equipment out (cricut/cuttlebug).  I also will now have room for my sewing machine!  I took classes hoping to be able to make some skirts/dresses for myself – but I haven’t had the room.  I don’t think I really thought about how much room you need for a sewing machine and to lay out fabric.  This time – I did.  Here are a few pics of the room with just the tables in there.  We haven’t moved yet, so I really don’t have anything in there yet!

Okay so this picture is the first L set up.  I actually changed it around so the L is in the opposite corner (so the wall with 2 tables on it is now the empty one).  In the bottom, you can see my little Jetmax mobile unit (thank you 40% off Michael’s and your coupon stacking!) hanging out.

1/2 the closet in the new room.  The whole thing has these annoying closet units in them.  I don’t really know what I’m going to do in here, but I guess the little platforms will be good for holding my craft tech when it’s not out on the desk?  I really don’t get why the owners put it in…but I guess I’m stuck with it.

I’ll be updating as I fill in the room.  Then it’s time to get to crafting 🙂

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