Starting the Wedding Project

Guess what?  I have FINALLY started working on my wedding album!  It’s been a really hard project for me for a lot of reasons – mainly trying to figure out how to make it as wonderful as I could.  I got stuck in a rut for a while that I absolutely had to do it in our wedding colors, but through some good inspiration, I realized I didn’t need to do that.  And once I freed myself from that constraint I was actually able to create.  These are my first two pages of many on the wedding weekend, bachelorette party, and wedding/bridal showers.

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This page was done with the Studio Calico Summer Camp kit.  With bits from Candy Shoppe and Close to My Heart.  And of course I had to mist!

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This page was done with the Metropolitan Studio Calico kit.  I tried to follow the curvy theme of the circles by rounding the page and picture corners. I absolutely ADORE this picture, it’s one of my favorites of the almost 2000 pictures I have from our wedding day, so I wanted to make sure it got into the album.  The only thing I wish is that I knew what the heck someone said or did to make me give that thumbs up 🙂

I showed them to my mom, wondering if she would get what I was doing with the color thing and I was really happy that her and my sister got it.  Got why I couldn’t commit to a red and black and white album.  My mom is doing an album in our wedding colors and it is coming out beautifully (and it’s her first scrapbooking project ever, go Mom!) so I’m not saying it can’t be done.  It just was stressing me out too much.  I’m sure I’ll throw a red/black page or 2 in here somewhere though 🙂

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