Into the Woods

I finally broke into the March kit, Into The Woods.  Those fabrips were calling my name…and since I knew I wanted to use them, but had NO IDEA of how they worked in person, I just went for a little piece.  Then I realized that you need some width on the strip and ripped a better bigger piece.  Then I realized I had no clue why I did that or what to do with it other than tearing stuff up is fun :/  Anyway, after a little thought, this is what came out…

Click on picture for link to gallery

I’ll be honest – this layout did NOT end up how I planned, I originally planned another cluster experiment.  But as we all know, pages end up how they end up, which isn’t always what we thought when we first sat down.

And since it’s the weekend and I had lots of goodies to play around with, I made a few layouts, this one 100% from On the Easel, an older but new to me kit I got from a fellow SC member.  I wanted this kit since I joined, but it was a few months later and this kit was sold out.  I was way too excited to pick it up and scrap with it!

Click on picture for link to gallery

It looks so crooked here but not in real life…so I guess I took a slanty picture.  Anyway, this layout has very little product it seems, but lots of misting!  I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of my mists to be delivered, I absolutely LOVE misting.  I don’t know how I went so long before buying my first one.  All the frames and border pieces are misted in the above picture and  I think it came out awesome!


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2 Responses to Into the Woods

  1. juls2000 says:

    beautiful!! I love wedding photos!!

  2. Jenny G. says:

    No worries.. that is exactly what I did the first time I used my Fabrips! I was so scared to use them but finally bit the bullet and went for it. Love your pics too 🙂

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