My Button Love Post

Most people that know me know I love buttons as an embellishment.  I have to force myself not to put them on every page by hiding them from myself most of the month.  Today I scrapped my wedding bouquet, so all my button embellies got to come out to play 🙂  Why do you ask?  Well because I made my bouquet myself out of buttons!

This my friends, was a labor of love.  I did not only my bouquet, but 4 smaller ones for my wonderful bridal party.  So as you can imagine, I could only give tribute to my button love by making a layout with tons of buttons:

Check it out in my gallery by clicking the picture.

There are some random chipboard buttons from the Licorice Twist add on, some buttons from Into the Woods/Mossy Knoll, and button flowers from Sassafras.  And can you tell what I did for the “o” in button?  Here’s a close-up:

It’s a rub-on!  I thought it would be a cute little twist to throw on the page.  And do you see the detail in this paper??  It’s amazing 🙂

This layout was really hard for me to put together for some reason.  I think because I really really LOVE my bouquet and wanted to make sure the page was special enough to match up to it.  Plus I know that this is the only page I’m going to do on this detail and I wanted it to be clear to anyone who sees my album that this detail was important not just because it was handmade, but because of how it came to be.  I hope this page does it justice!

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