SC Sunday Sketch

Another awesome Sunday Sketch this week over at Studio Calico.  I liked the sketch but for the story I wanted to tell it was a little too embellished for me.  Never fear though – that’s the beauty of a sketch – you can make it what you want.  Here is what I wanted:

I kept the big elements but did some adjustments, mainly that this is the mirror image of the original sketch.  I also took the layers under the title in the sketch and replaced that with an embossed stamp instead – the nerdy ruler.  I really love the pattern on this paper, it appeals to my nerdy side because it looks like grid paper 🙂  And it’s about a very nerdy event, a gaming convention.  This layout is super simple and clean, but I love all the nerdy elements I put together on it.  So different than all the wedding layouts I’ve been working on!

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2 Responses to SC Sunday Sketch

  1. Jessica R. says:

    Well I am a nerd so I love it! LOL! No really, it is a great layout. What kind of gaming convention? Just curious.

    • kimsb says:

      It’s the Penny Arcade Expo aka PAX. Covers all kinds of gaming – computer, console, and tabletop. Thanks for the compliment on my layout, I appreciate it 🙂

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