Five on Friday: Timeless Causal Fashion

I see a lot of people do this on the web and I thought it would be fun to do my own.  This week’s theme is fashion 🙂  I’ve lost about 50 lbs in the last 13 months, so as you can imagine, I’m able to wear a MUCH larger selection of clothes than I could a year ago.  Not just in the fact that I have more places I can shop, but I feel more comfortable wearing certain items too.  So here are some things I really want to add to my closet.

1. Adore this Gouache floral dress at Talbot’s!  It’s so fun and would work great by itself or with a cardigan on cooler days. Unfortunately it’s $132 (on sale!), which is a bit too much for me right now since I’m still in weight loss mode.  But this shape is so flattering for a woman with curves.

2. Love this Ann Taylor 3/4 Sleeve Striped Top.  It’s only $39 and really cute 🙂  I like this top because it looks like it would be comfortable without wearing just a t-shirt.  It has some style to it.  Perfect for a casual day out.

3. Another cute top from Ann Taylor! This Metallic Pullover looks comfortable and can go casual with jeans or can dress it up a little for work with the right accessories and shoes.  I love pieces that are versatile.

4. Love pretty much all the Kate Spade bangles.  I am going to buy one soon – just need to figure out which one as a um…late birthday present?  Sure that works 🙂  They are just too cute.  I really like this Feather in Your Cap one – it’s so happy!  And the prices aren’t too bad, especially considering they are fairly timeless.

5. Lastly, I really love these Clark Polar Lakes.  They look incredibly comfortable and Clark’s are some of the only shoes that fit my feet well (I have narrow flat feet).  I love all the colors, but I’d start with the black and the gray 🙂

Those are my five for my Friday with the theme of upgrading my casual wardrobe with some versatile pieces.  They also are transitional pieces, paired with the right stuff they can be worn for many seasons and years since the pieces are fairly timeless instead of trendy.

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2 Responses to Five on Friday: Timeless Causal Fashion

  1. Rachel says:

    Congrats on losing the weight. That is AWESOME! I love Ann Taylor stuff, too.

    I came over to your blog from Shimelle’s class. Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

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