Photobooth Fun

I finally started scrapping my photobooth pictures from our wedding!  I absolutely love this thing (honestly, every party needs one of these) and since we figured out a way to do it on the cheap, better believe this will happen at every party I ever throw 🙂  I have only done a few of the pages – one with the wedding party and one with family.  I’m in the midst of cutting out the strips for the friends page(s) – I’ll figure out how to do them once I have all the strips I want to scrap cut out.  It was really hard for me to try to figure out how to place these pictures so they were the focus and still have some “pretty” on the page.

This page is so much fun!  I really need a better camera because the bright colors are somewhat lost in this photo.  But these are photobooth pictures from family members that dared to get in on the fun.  Click the photo for more details.

I typically am scared of the busy background paper, but the solid paper strips for the text/title really helped me make the pattern really the background instead of the focus.  Another secret about this page – it’s somehow like an inch short.  I don’t really know what happened – but I’m guessing sometime long ago I cut a strip off this page.  Then promptly forgot about it. So when I pulled it out and cut the sales strip off, I just never noticed that it was short.  Oh well.  I’m not stressing about looks good to me!  Click the picture for more details.

But look at those photos….an open bar + a photobooth = hilariousness.  And I’ll tell you a secret – 90% of these people weren’t drinking, lol 🙂

And side note – I’m starting my DSLR fund ASAP.  My old trusty point and shoot (used above) takes worse photos than my iPhone 4.  That clearly is a problem.

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3 Responses to Photobooth Fun

  1. jennifer says:

    Love the photo booth! Now I want one too!

    • kimsb says:

      Oh it is the best! We used my sister’s MacBook and bought a program that did everything automatically. All the user had to do was walk up and press the space bar to start the photos 🙂

  2. Winnie H says:

    Love all those photo-booth pictures! Wish I had thought of that for my wedding. LOL @ the fact that most of your relatives weren’t drunk! BTW, I’m just getting around from BFS to say hi.

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