the 29 list

Following in the footsteps of a ton of amazing bloggers and scrappy ladies, I decided to make a 29 list this year.  Yes, it’s a little late, as my birthday was much earlier this month.  But better late than never, eh?  I actually started thinking about the list a while ago, so really it just took the time to come up with the full 29.  Then the next task was to figure out how to document it.  I finally decided on how to document it – via a mini book 🙂 All that’s completed is the cover since I haven’t actually done anything on the list.  But the goal is that by 30, I will get to it all and I’ll share with you along the way.  So here we go 🙂

Click on the photo to see the details in my gallery.

the 29 list

  1. Use my passport
  2. Learn French
  3. Lost at least 30 lbs
  4. Host a dinner party
  5. Take a yoga class
  6. Run a 5K
  7. Visit a new state
  8. Read 2 classic novels
  9. Read 2 books a month (24 books this year)
  10. Pay off our credit cards
  11. Buy a DSLR and learn to use it
  12. Finish one level 2 DAU certification for work
  13. See a Broadway play
  14. Organize a girls’ weekend
  15. Sew a dress
  16. Throw a real party (aka not a meetup)
  17. Finish our wedding scrapbook
  18. Create an engagement digi book
  19. Attend a crafting convention/crop/something
  20. Learn Photoshop Elements for PC
  21. Bake bread from scratch
  22. Move my creative blog to my  own domain name
  23. Have at least one girls’ night out on the town
  24. Plan an amazing date night for me and the hubby
  25. Spend a whole day in DC
  26. Bring out my inner Holly Golightly
  27. Make at least one new friend
  28. Find a church
  29. Organize my scrapbook layouts into albums
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2 Responses to the 29 list

  1. Briana says:

    You really have a super list there. You have some very charming ones – sew a dress and host a dinner party, bake bread from scratch. Some very important ones too – really a great list.

    • Thanks 🙂 I tried to do a balance of things that are fun, things I really need to do for personal growth/improvement, and things that would push my boundaries. And for whatever reason I’m now totally excited about doing all of them, even the hard ones!

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