Three for Thursday

Three layouts!  I worked on these over Memorial Day weekend and was thinking of submitting them.  I still may, but I’m posting them anyway.  I like these a lot 🙂

Fun bright layout 🙂  This picture is from right after the formals are done and we are waiting to go into the tent for the reception.  Aren’t we cute??  I used a ton of stickers to keep it bright and fun, just like us, hehe.  This one was made using Singing in the Rain.

Ya’ll know I love to use a crazy quote or song title as a title.  And apparently I was channeling Beyonce when I made this one.  The stitching was not my idea, but inspired by the Paper Moon kit from SC for June (which still available here).  Amy Tangerine made custom stitched tags which I thought was such an adorable idea.  And I love stitching on layouts.  So I tried it out for myself.  Not bad, but geez this was hard to stitch!  Also made by the Singing in the Rain kit.

And finally, another one with Lawn Party.  Continuing with the I love Paper Moon’s gallery theme – I totally channeled Sasha’s gorgeous stitching and added some hearts.  I didn’t do what she did (the smart thing), instead I glued THEN decided oooh stitching would be pretty and tried to stitch around the glued down heart  Not really that neat, but I still really like it 🙂

For more detailed pictures and links to the kits, check out my gallery on SC here 🙂


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2 Responses to Three for Thursday

  1. Brooke says:

    Love the stitching 🙂

  2. sasha farina says:

    that first layout – i love how HAPPY you are.. so contagious. made me smile! huge smile. and.. you’re doing great with your stitching, girl. really.. slow and steady.. you’ll be okay. Poke first before you stitch, okay? that works wonders for me. *hugs*

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