I’m here, I promise!

Such a bad blogger am I!  I left town and forgot to leave you all with a post to keep you interested in my little blog while I was gone.  No worries, I’m setting up a few to post over the next week or so while I’m traveling for work and for vacation.

Studio Calico’s June Kit – Paper Moon – showed up 2 days before I was about to head out of town for a week.  I’ll be honest – this wasn’t my favorite kit to scrap with.  I knew that before I got it.  It’s just not my style. BUT I did know that it would be perfect for cards and mini books.  So I ended up using almost the whole kit on those projects 🙂  Today, I’m going to share the three cards I made using the kit.

So my name is Kim and I’m so addicted to stitching.  And after seeing Amy Tangerine’s hand stitched tags in the kit I was clearly inspired.  I stitched on one layout and now on this card for my dad.  As soon as I saw this kit I knew that I’d be playing on space puns for my card titles 🙂  And oh boy do those thickers take ink WELL!  Love that.

Father’s day card for my father in law.  I was inpired by the Sassafras Starter paper with these big sweeping lines radiating from a sun.  I took bits of paper left from making my mini book and followed those lines.  I love these patchwork style cards 🙂  I also stitched, because hello, it’s what I love to do! And I added some Sassafras embellies from my big box o Sass stash because who doesn’t love a flower.

Last card was for my most wonderful cousin who graduated from high school this year.  She is going my rival university…but I still love her enough to make her a card, hehe.  More ink on those awesome cardboard thickers and if you can’t tell, I LOVE those OA blue and cream mini letters.  I could live off of thickers and mini letters I think.  Anyway, this card was based on me being determined to figure out how to use that OA punch paper.  I cut out the rocket and decided to do another silly pun by telling her to shoot for the moon.  Then I stuck that rocket man stamp up there as the moon to shoot for.  My cousin loved the card, so I was glad.  Too bad we are going to thrash her basketball and football teams this year….are those card sending occasions 😉

Okay, those are my June cards.  I’m going to work on making more cards to have a stash I think, I really really do enjoy making cards and they are a nice way to break up making only layouts as I’ve been doing lately.  I’ll share my mini in a post scheduled later this week 🙂

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