Mini Book, Major Mess

I’m such a messy scrapper!  I guess my creative process is a tornado, not a calm stream?  Anyway, I wanted to share some updates from the Omaha #1 and Anaheim chapters of the book.  I put most of this together over the last few days, as I printed my pictures for these two cities on my short layover at home.  I also ran out of Tombow adhesive tonight so I have things paper clipped in with SMASH paper clips, LOL.  Maybe some will stay that way, it actually looks pretty cute.  I’ll maybe have to run to the store tomorrow for some more adhesive.

From the Omaha Section:

From the Anaheim Section:

Hope you enjoyed my little update 🙂  This book isn’t really anything fancy, it’s really just some nice record keeping of a crazy time in my life.  I really want to be a better memory keeper in general.  I’m so good at scrapping the BIG events, I would really like to do more things like this to capture the every day.  And mini books with ribbons and paper and clips sticking out just make me smile 🙂

Bonus points if you noticed my use of SC packing papers again, lol 🙂

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One Response to Mini Book, Major Mess

  1. Bri says:

    I love peeking into other mini books. All the bits of real life. I like how yours is coming together.

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