Holiday Hangover

The last leg of my crazy June 2011 mad dash across the USA ended this afternoon and I could not be happier to be home!  I enjoyed being home in Detroit so much, but it was an exhausting leg filled with bbq cookouts, late nights chatting with family, and very little sleep.  It’s nice to be back on my own schedule here in Virginia.

As you can tell from my thoughts of being home – NO mini book progress happened.  I barely had time to journal since every night I fell asleep pretty quickly, glasses falling off and kindle dangling from one hand after reading approximately 10 words of Game of Thrones.  The book is fabulous – that wasn’t the problem.  Just sheer exhaustion.  My newly formed book club picked it as the first read and I’m really enjoying it – and hoping now that I’m home I can actually get some pre-bed reading in nightly as it’s an 840 page book.  With tiny font.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick post holiday check in since I clearly don’t have many updates to share on the crafty front.  I did find time to do my Studio Calico order for the month – the main kit Mind the Gap (which is super cute and still available) and the Petrol add on.  I’m so behind on my wedding projects that I wanted to get done by our anniversary, I probably could have easily done 2 add ons, but I had a little restraint.  I’m glad as CHA is coming soon and that means I’ll want to spend lots of money on all the new scrappy goodies coming out.  So I need to do a little saving now to do a lot of spending later 🙂  I also really really need a new camera.  I know, it’s the 325037th post of me saying that, but I am saving hard for one come October/November timeframe.  But lack of a good camera means I really miss out on photos.  My hubby and I tried to take pics with our camera phones but they didn’t come out well at all.  The camera phone is good for a still shot but bright sunny day with moving little kids = nothing but blurs.  Oh well.  It’s incentive to pound away at my mini this week and finish it ASAP so I don’t forget anything since I definitely don’t have all the pictures I would want.

And with that – this traveler is going to take herself to bed, relax, and get ready for some fairly intense meetings tomorrow.  Being out of the office for basically 3 weeks means I’m going to catch it trying to deal with voicemails + emails + random stuff.


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