Monochromatic Fail?

I’ve seen many challenges to go monochromatic on the web over the last few months.  In Summer Camp this week, Celine did a gorgeous monochromatic layout and challenged us to do the same.  I tried.  Really!  But I’m not sure if I actually got there.  I used Mind the Gap, SC’s July kit for both layouts.  The layouts are from our trip to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon last November and I went for a brown monochromatic look with hints of red.

The fabric flower is made with some random last bits of ribbon from my stash and a gluber. I made the journaling block from the packaging of my SC stamp (love that grid!!).  I clear embossed the circle stamp then used distress ink to make the packaging brown to fit with my color scheme.  I wonder if anybody else uses SC packaging like I do for my layouts or if I’m just the weird one?

There is a reason I came home from our honeymoon much heavier than I left for it.  We ate some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life over there.  Mallorca, mashed plaintains, Puerto Rican style beans and rice, you name it we tried it.  Also add that it’s fairly easy to find cheap but good rum…it was not my finest Weight Watchers moment.  Anyway, I took pictures of most of the foods we tried and wanted to document them.  I thought this would work well with the monochromatic scheme because the foods were darker colors anyway.  I used a lot of Brown Sugar ZING! to add details to the pages (I really love that intertwined circle stamp!!) and block off my journaling.

I think the contrast in these two monochromatic attempts is interesting.  The fine eats layout kind of all blends together and I think the fine eats title and the foods stand out a lot.  In the hello San Juan layout, the beach pictures REALLY pop and the browns compliment the location of the photos – the beach.

Have you ever done a monochromatic layout before?  Any tips??


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