She DOES Exist…

Hi.  It’s me.  That girl who blogs here?  I know you may not remember since I seem to have let a day or two slide into a MONTH of no updates.  Unfortunately I haven’t been doing many projects lately because of travel for my real job – you know the one that pays for all this stuff.  The months of being on the road caught up with me finally and I’ve been pretty sick on top of all that the last week or so.  I have made a few goodies that I will be sharing soon – this weekend I promise!! But it’s a very low number, much lower than makes me happy.  I will be home a whole week before I have to travel again (seriously – this is what my life has become) so I hope to get some things done – especially on the wedding front.  My anniversary is fast approaching.  I also will probably start documenting my travels more on here since they are sometimes fun and interesting as the locations are ones that are fairly less traveled and I often find many cute things to explore.  I bought my first non-bag sewing pattern while in Maine last week and my plan is to go tomorrow to the store to buy fabric and get started on it. It’s a fairly easy pattern, so hopefully I can knock it out this weekend.  It seems like an afternoon project.  Hopefully.

So there’s my big I’m a sucky blogger but try to love me anyway update.  I’ll be back…sooner…with projects…and travel tales.  I’m prepping for my first “international” business trip (It’s Canada and I’m from a border city.  All the rigamarole required by my job to go “international” to Canada is cracking me up.)  ever and that’s exciting.  I’m sure I’ll find some quaint things to share from there 🙂

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One Response to She DOES Exist…

  1. sasha farina says:

    hey… take photos of interesting stuff on your travel and share with us!! *hugs*

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