Travel Log – MN State Fair

So two weeks before scrapfest (boy I need to work on timing) I went to visit my buds in Minneapolis and St. Paul. I had a blast and wanted to share some pics from the state fair. It was SO much fun – full of deep fried everything, shows, and good times. Luckily we walked for hours, so I could feel better about my ice cream breakfast 🙂

Breakfast of champions? Fried apple pie and cinnamon ice cream

Amazeballs honey nut fudge and honey sunflower ice cream.

In Minnesota, they carve their royalty in butter. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge can’t beat that!!

Mini veggies are so cute!!! And looking at them makes up for my meal choices…yes?

Deep fried cheese curds. The theme of today was pretending I wasn’t lactose intolerant apparently…

Prize winning gorgeous dahlias. So pretty!!

Hope you enjoyed my little fair overview!!

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2 Responses to Travel Log – MN State Fair

  1. sasha farina says:

    Fried apple pie and cinnamon ice cream? seriously? i want that!!

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