Crafty October Goals

I’m finally back home for quite a bit of time!!  I’m really happy to now be able to get in my craft room and make stuff.  I’m more than happy to finally get some time to enjoy my fun time.  I pulled out my September kits and made a page from our recent trip to the Outer Banks.  It took me a while because I haven’t made a page in a long time.  My scrap brain was a little out of practice.  But I really love what I came up with.  And you will get to see it once it’s daylight and I can take a picture where you can see the pretty beachy colors.

I also plan to dig into some sewing this month.  I am signed up for Amy Tangerine’s class on BPC, as you had to sign up before a set date otherwise you miss it.  So I just went ahead and signed up even though I knew I’d be gone for the first part of it.  When I get paid on Friday I have a BIG supply list to pick up.  Not only the stuff for the first week’s project in the class, but the material to make a shirt pattern I picked up in Maine early last month.  I love the simple tunic and I’m really excited to start sewing my first wearable project.  I have SO much I want to do this month and I believe I will actually be home long enough to do it.  I enjoy crafting and just completing this page tonight, my first one in WEEKS has made me so happy.  I’m going to soak up my non travel weeks to capture these memories and make new ones to savor.

Do you have any big crafty October projects?  Share!!

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One Response to Crafty October Goals

  1. sasha farina says:

    i just wanna be alive come november. LOL. october is exam month for the kids.. I’m stressing out FOR them! lol.. they’re not that worried abt anything.

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