Oh, Hey There!

Yeah, I get bad blogger of the last 6 months for sure.  The last few months have been INSANE and I kind of neglected quite a few things.  Not just my crafty projects but that whole gym project too.  Oops.  Never fear – it’s 2012 and I’m getting back on track with all of that.  The main craft thing?  Finishing the wedding album before my non-existent kids are old enough to ask me questions about it.  The main life thing? Finishing the healthy Kim project.  I decided to merge the healthy blogging with the craft blogging so that takes some stress off of trying to keep two blogs.  Ironically, the paper and cupcakes title of this blog seems very appropriate for crafting (love paper) and health (way too many cupcakes).    I’m not sure where this will all go, but I’m back and planning projects and posts.

I also should be traveling much less (13 stats + Canada in 2011 for over 50,000 miles flown/driven)  put a wee damper on actually being home in my craft room or in my gym.  I’m saying that knowing that I just was told of another project I will be working on – so maybe I’m being a little too optimistic.  Time will tell, but I think I’m going to alter some of my crafting to accommodate the craft on the road life if things continue as they did in 2011.

So with that – here’s a few pages I made earlier this month.  It’s actually a 2 page spread but I seem incapable of photographing the 2 pages together in any meaningful way.  It’s actually an old Studio Calico sketch that I thought would look great as a lead in to a 2 page layout.  It’s using the Studio Calico add on Salvaged, which had a very vintage flair.  I almost didn’t want to use the paper and couldn’t bare to cut into it because I loved it so much, so I used it as background with some accents of kraft/cream.  Enjoy!

First page of 2 page spread

Second page of 2 page layout.  Handstitched around the non labeled pictures for um…pop?  I dunno, I just like sewing with paper.



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One Response to Oh, Hey There!

  1. Brooke says:

    Love it!!! Great layout. Glad you’re back 🙂

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