Oh January

Background – 2011 was a crap year for me.  I’m just being honest.  After spending the first half of the year blissfully losing weight and shopping for cute clothes, I let stress and life kick me back down in the 2nd half.  I gained weight back, stopped working out, started sleeping more, reading more, and just being a sedentary rock of a person 90% of the time.  Gym, what gym?  Whole wheat?  More like whole pizza.  You get the drift.  It wasn’t my finest hour(s) and I’m paying for it every single day now.  A lot of the things that bothered me then are still bothering me now, but I’m trying to remember that treating myself like that won’t fix anything.  It just makes everything worse really, as now I have another thing that makes me stressed out and upset.

That said, my January has been good to me.  I’m exiting the month lighter than I came into it (check), I made time for me to craft (check) and most importantly – I’m leaving January with a positive outlook that I can continue my momentum (and CHECK).  Me and my fitbit brigade have started something good this year.  I’m moving more.  A lot more.  Consistently exercising, tracking what I eat, making weekly goals, and assessing my performance to those goals weekly.  I’ve somewhat stopped focusing on the daily what I did wrong and instead looking at the week and saying that yes, overall I went in the right direction.  This is a positive mental change and it’s one I needed to make in order to have anything else in 2012 go my way.

Last week my good friend Lele challenged us to set some goals and stick to them.  I have been privately writing my goals but this week having to put them out there to the world (ok, not quite the world, but the 5 other people that read the forum) was pretty powerful.  I thought that if that worked, maybe weekly I should put my goals up here and check in.  If 5 people could hold me to my goals, what would the world wide web do?  I guess we will see.

So with that, here are my goals for the next week:

  1. No pop, again.
  2. 7+ hours of sleep every night
  3. 70K steps minimum this week
  4. Do one house cleaning task a day minimum

Simple, right?  I am working towards being a healthier, happier, less stressed out me.  So my goals aren’t just goals about food and exercise – but things that will improve the quality of my life as a whole.

A big factor in selecting my goals is that I have to really quit the all or nothing mentality that tends to do me in and make me lose my mind and hide in a hole with the ice cream.  So I’m trying to take baby steps towards the big picture.  Last week I quit pop.  Yes pop, I’m from Michigan dammit.  It was hard and I actually gained some weight back this week.  Mostly because I let myself give into my carb/food cravings I had because I couldn’t turn to my magic kill the cravings pill of diet pop.  Give a little to get a lot in my mind.  Actually gain a little to lose a lot would be a better way of saying it.

So for the month of January, I’ve lost 5 lbs, kicked the pop habit, and am not discouraged.  I think for 30 days of work so far – that’s quite an accomplishment.  I have a long way to go, I always have and probably always will.  But that’s okay.  I didn’t get to where I am in 30 days, so I won’t get out in 30 days either.

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2 Responses to Oh January

  1. FitnessPal says:

    Great work, keep it up, we all go through these phases in life

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!! It is much appreciated!

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