Sewing 101: Clutch

I hosted a little fitbit contest for my friends and the winner won a clutch hand made by ME!  I got the inspiration from Elise Blaha’s cute clutch (Tiger’s colors btw) who followed a tutorial from Make It-Love It.  It’s fairly simple to put one together as you can see from the tutorial.  The hardest part is (1) deciding the right materials and (2) putting in a zipper.  I’m not good with zippers.  Anyway, since my friend’s favorite color is purple, here’s her clutch!

Finished product!  I actually thought it could be an iPad case if she wanted, but the interior fabric wasn’t really right for that.  And no padding.

Interior!  I really love this fabric but it was a PAIN to sew with.  I saw on a bag of mine later where there was a trim on the zipper that held the fabric back.  Next time I use this fabric or something like it I am adding that feature to keep the fabric out of the zipper.  I’m getting better at putting zippers in, but it’s still something I really struggle with.  It’s much easier with little pouches with little 7 inch zippers than this monstrosity of a 14 inch zipper. I also need to make some patterns for these, to make it easier to cut.  I just measured all the sides, but if I cut a pattern out I could just fly through cutting the material.  Next time.

I really enjoy making bags and accessories and think I’m going to try my hand at making something more complicated maybe with a snap closure.  My pinterest has some cool ideas on it, so I just need to pick a project and get to work!



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